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What Is A French Bikini Wax?

In general, waxing as a method for hair removal is nothing new. However, there are always new types of waxing hair removal services being introduced to new parts of the world. For example, there is the Brazilian wax, which didn’t become popular in America until the 1980’s. The standard bikini wax, on the other hand, has been around for quite some time. Another popular type of waxing is the French bikini wax.

What Is The French Bikini Wax?

If you think of waxing as a scale of hair removal, with the standard bikini wax on the low-end of the scale and the Brazilian wax on the high-end of the scale, then the French bikini wax would be right in the middle. It’s the perfect transition wax for people who aren’t ready for a full Brazilian or who simply don’t want that much hair removed.

The standard bikini wax removes all of the hair along the bikini line. It can also be used to remove much of the frontal pubic hair, but not much more. Then there is the Brazilian wax, which basically removes all hair from front to back. This includes frontal public hair, hair in the anal region, and all of the hair in between. The only hair left after a Brazilian is usually a small strip of hair on the front.

The French bikini wax removes more hair than a traditional bikini wax, but not as much as the Brazilian. Unlike the Brazilian, it doesn’t require removing hair from the back side. Hair is removed from the frontal region and further down along the labia, but rarely any further. To find out more about the variations of intimate waxing please go here http://sandiegowaxingspa.com.

Who Is The French Wax For?

The French bikini wax is perfect for those who aren’t fully comfortable with all of the positions required for a full Brazilian wax. Also, if the pain of hair removal around the anus is too much, then a French bikini wax is a great alternative. It can still leave you feeling smooth and beautiful, but without the need to keep your panties off the entire time or assume any embarrassing positions on all fours.

Aside from the amount of hair removed, the waxing is still the same as a regular bikini wax. The requirements, paste, application, and removal process is still exactly the same. It’s great if you want  hair removed for longer period of times than you would get from regular shaving. The French wax can last for up to 21 days before another waxing is required.

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