Sugaring Hair Removal

sugaring waxing
As I have grown in age, I have started to notice hair growing in places I am not too excited about. Places like my ears, nose, and other places I would not rather mention. Sugaring Hair Removal is a very popular way, safe, convenient, and economical method of hair removal. The method puts into use the aid of natural ingredients making it very kind to the skin. The method works through the application of sugar wax that removes unwanted hair with less pain compared to hard wax or soft wax. The sugaring paste is either warmed and used with strips or used cold which then a thin layer of wax is applied to the skin. It is then followed by firmly pressing waxing strips on the wax. The waxing strip sticks to the wax and not your skin which is the major difference from other types of wax. Then the esthetician pulls the strip off quickly removing not only the sugar wax but also your hair. Sugaring Hair Removal can work on every part of the body and is more gentle on the skin due to is being natural. In a recent visit to waxing spa here in San Diego I met the owner of Waxing and Skincare by Celeste – Celeste Andrade and according to her expertise, sugaring is simply the best option for waxing for both men and women. I did get my ears, nose and backed waxed too.

Sugaring hair removal typically lasts for four to six weeks depending on the hair growth level and the individual. If your hair is removed from the roots, then repeated sugaring treatments result in weakening of the hair which slows down your hair growth. Your hair will also grow out thinner and with time it could lead to permanent hair removal. You may be asking yourself whether this method is safe for your health and your skin. One of the many benefits of using a sugar wax is that the ingredients used in sugaring are natural. The sugar paste is made from sugar, water, and lemon juice. This is the most know recipe, but there are several more. Tr

Sugaring hair removal is a suitable method of hair treatment that anyone can afford. Many times the sugar wax can be made at home, but requires a lot of trial and error. Remember that just because you have the right wax does not mean you are an expert at waxing. That also takes time to master. The paste used adheres only to the hair resulting in less discomfort and can be applied slightly warmed or at room temperature. It is very gentle on the skin and can be cleaned up with only water. It is hence an ideal hair removal treatment that you can very easily help you with your hair removal needs while at the same time getting that sleek hairless body you want. Sugar wax originated from Egypt and is is always evolving with time. Today sugaring is becoming more and more popular among waxing salons and spas. This treatment is perfect for both men and women. If you are really for quality waxing please visit only the best sugar waxing hair removal expert in your area you will notice the difference right away.