Facial For Your Skin Type


There are various types of facials which suit different types of skin. Some people use facial and later feel and observe that their skin becomes worse than before. This  could be as a result of getting a facial that is not suitable for your skin type. The most important factor to consider when choosing the facial type is first to have an esthetician analyze your skin. Visit a business with a good reputation like Glow Med Spa in Encino, Ca when you decide to get a facial treatment. This indeed helps you determine the facial that suit your skin without worsening your skin. The facial used in treatment work can be classified as shown below.

Normal skin
For people with normal skin, light and hydrating products are most suitable. These facials should incorporate cleanup sessions which are followed with a  hydrating mask which leave the person feeling fresh as well as rejuvenated. The hydrating mask cleans up all the pores. This skin can as well be treated using a variety of toners and moisturizers. Deep cleansing facials include moisturizing massage and exfoliation. A protective serum is also applied to lift and refresh the skin.


Oily skin
People with oily skin are required to be very careful with the type of facial they choose since some of these oily skins are prone to an acne outbreak. This is regarded as the most complex facial type of treatment. The beautician requires being gentle when doing the treatment. Massaging of traditional oils which contain both moisturizers and oils increase the skin oiliness and help in clogging the pores. This eventually reduces the chances of getting acne on the skin surface. An acne facial is the best for use in treating oily skin. One can also use European facial or deep cleansing. Moreover, facials that contain clay masks or mud masks are recommended and are suitable for sensitive skin and help in tightening the pores.

Combination skin
This skin type contains both the oily skin and normal skin. Great care should be observed to ensure that there is no aggravation of the skin types. The areas of both the oily and normal skin types can be treated individually. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult the services of a skin care personnel. Combination facials should use minimal massaging to ensure the skin is refreshed. Moreover, facial type of light therapy helps in tightening the pores and ensure the skin tone is even.

Dry skin
People who suffer from dry skin require facial which moisturizes the skin making it supple and soft. Facials which involve scrubbing or too abrasive need to be avoided. This is because they make the skin flaky and dry. Oxygen facials work well on dry skin since boosting the skin with oxygen returns it to its normal state. Moreover, fruit facials can be used to saturate the dry skin. The extracts from natural fruits help in hydrating the skin making it more smooth and soft. When getting any facial peel or skin care treatment make sure to ask about ingredients being used to make sure you know what is in the product if you should have a bad reaction. Always ask many questions and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with.